Best Ventilation Fan for Bathroom

Ventilation Fan for BathroomToday’s homes are built more efficiently than before for better ventilation of heat and air. However, have you ever thought those long showers in the bathroom could actually hurt the structure of your home? One way of avoiding such situation is to use a bathroom vent fan. We’ll discuss in the articles about the features that you should look for if you want to buy the best ventilation fan for bathroom.

It’s natural for a high volume of moisture and humidity to be concentrated in the bathrooms. However, the problem is they cause the growth of mold and mildew, which eventually lead to the damage of building materials and structures, and even cause health problems sometimes.

Using exhaust bathroom fans is the solution to avoid such hazards. The vent fans these days are equipped with modern technologies, which make them more efficient in removing the mold spores, odors, humidity, and excess moisture.

How to Buy the Best Ventilation Fan for Bathroom

If you’ve made up your mind about installing a ventilation fan in bathroom. Check out the following features to know what you should look for to buy the best ventilation fan for bathroom:

Air Flow Capacity

The fans are available with different air flow capacities, which measured by the unit cfm (cubic feet per minute). The right measurement is cfm for per square foot of floor space. So, you need to buy a vent with at least 50cfm if your bathroom is 50 square feet.

If your bathroom is bigger than 100 square feet, add 100cfm for each whirlpool and 50cfm for each shower and toilet.

Noise Level

It determines how noisy the fan will be. Top-rated fans operate quietly or produce a very little sound that almost inaudible. Sones is the unit for measuring the degree of loudness. A vent fan with more than four sones will create annoying noise while the models with 0.5 to 1.2 sones will be almost mute.

Energy Efficiency

The fans with this feature will save your utility bills. Some modern exhaust fans are equipped with a high-performance motor that not only keeps the noise down but also saves energy. The safe bet is to buy a model that has the Energy Star label. However, those models will be better that also have the certification of the Air Movement and Control Association or the Home Ventilation Institute.

Additional Features

Manufacturers produce many models these days that have some additional smart features. Some fans have motion sensor option that switches the fan on when someone enters the bathroom. Some models have humidity sensor option for automatic turning on where there’s a high level of moisture in the air. There are some bathroom ventilation fans with light and heat system too.

So, keep these features in mind if you want to buy the best ventilation fan for bathroom.

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