Portable Stage Lighting

Portable Stage LightingPortable and temporary lights are both parts of temporary lighting solutions, unlike permanent lighting. Portable lights are suitable for the areas where installation and maintenance work done during the shutdown of a plant. There is also portable stage lighting used during stage shows and performances; warning lamps, head torches, and headlamps used in mines and other hazardous areas; and lights used in photography and entertainment shows.

The temporary construction lighting is installed in a plant or on a job site for a limited amount of time. They are portable too, but some of them installed like permanent light fixtures for a given period.

Portable Stage Lighting Components

Stage lights not only brighten up a stage but also act as a medium of interaction between the performers and the audience. The perk of portable stage lighting is that you can use the same fixtures for different shows at different venues.

Portable lights used at the stage have many components. Learning about their roles will help to make the right decision when you go shopping for portable stage lighting fixtures:

Par Cans

They are the part that casts light on a particular area. They are available in various levels of brightness, which determined by ‘Par.’ For example, Par64 refers to lights with the brightest illumination and Par38 means the dimmest lighting, and the other numbers in between refer to other levels of brightness.

Many latest fixtures have LED packs for providing better lighting and consuming less energy.

Lighting Console

This part of the fixture does the job of control the brightness and focus of lights.

Lighting Stands

The stands allow the lights to move wherever they are needed. You have to mount the fixture on these stands and then move them around. The fixed lights don’t have these stands because they are permanently installed in a place.

Dimmer Packs

These box-shaped devices are hung along with the par cans on the lighting stands. Their job is to supply power to the par cans. The latest models with LED bulbs doesn’t have dimmer packs because LED cans are highly energy efficient than the traditional portable stage lighting fixtures.

You can buy either a complete setup or the components separately and then assemble them together. Remember to connect the par can to the dimmer pack and then attach both of them to the lighting stand. If your lighting system requires more than one dimmer pack, use DMX cables to connect them to each other.

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