Choices in Electrical Heaters

When thinking about an electrical heater to heat your home or office, there are many different choices available. They all work by converting electricity into heat but the difference is in the way they distribute the heat throughout the room. This article will review the different types of electric heaters that are available so you can choose which one might work best for you.

The Baseboard: This is the cheapest and most commonly used type or heater for the home. It works by natural convection or displacement of air. It is relatively low maintenance requiring just one vacuum cleaning annually to eliminate dust build up.

The Convector: This is another popular model which can be used in any part of the home. It works through a chimney effect offering speed, amplitude and projection to the heat it provides. It is also low maintenance offering similar cleaning methods to the baseboard.

The Heating Cable: The heating cable works by radiating heat. It does not warm the air, but the masses above and around it. These masses then release the heat into the atmosphere. It is most often installed in the floor, under ceramic tiles. It is clean, quiet and efficient.

The Fan Heater: Obvious in its name, this unit dispenses heat through a fan that may be adjustable to various speeds. It can be easily installed in a variety of places in the house. Some units come with a dust filter.

The Radiant Heater: This heater emits rays that directly target people or objects in its path. It’s very safe and efficient. It can often be found installed above a glass door.

The Duct Heater: Duct heaters have many different uses. They can be used as a primary or secondary source of heat when located at the outlet of a forced air heating system. They can also provide a comfortable temperature in a room when located beneath the register without the need of a central furnace. They can also preheat fresh, outside air, warming it before it allows the house to become cold.

The Furnace: This is a central heating system as it will supply all the heat needed in the house. It can be used in conjunction with a central air conditioning system. It’s used in homes with ventilation ducts.

Portable Heater: These are very effective and useful in workshops or garages.

Unit Heaters: These are more powerful space heaters that can be used in commercial and industrial buildings and rural areas.

Electrical heaters are a source of clean, efficient energy. The costs of the heaters may vary, but no matter what you pay, you are sure to save on electrical costs. Heaters can be purchased at electrical supply stores where appliances are sold. If you opt for an electrical supply online seller, make sure to read the item description carefully to make sure the heater suits your needs. Either way, an electrical heater is a smart move for heating your home in an energy efficient manner.