Installing a Jacuzzi

Know About Installing a Jacuzzi in Your Home

Installing a JacuzziInstalling a Jacuzzi may be best job suited for a licensed electrician. However, there are certain electrical requirements you must adhere if you looking to have a Jacuzzi installed in your house.  Whether you are a homeowner looking to install a Jacuzzi on your property or a licensed electrician. Its a good idea to familiarize yourself with these requirements.

Voltage Requirements: Hot tubs can be categorized according to voltage requirements. Some operate on 120V while others operate on 240V. One 120V tub will be able to be connected to a regular electrical socket. Although it may require a ground fault interrupter cord. 240V tubs need their own dedicated circuit. All hot tubs require that has a GFCI breaker installed within 5 to 10 feet of the tub.

National Electric Codes: There are National Electric Codes that apply to the installation of hot tubs. They can vary from state to state. However all hot tub installations must have a disconnection point which is in sight from the hot tub. Also the wire size is regulated. It’s determined by the amount of power the hot tub is drawing as well as the distance between the circuit breaker box and the hot tub. Copper wires that have THHN insulation are recommended.

Wiring Requirements

All wires used in the installation of the hot tub must be properly covered and contained with PVS conduit pipes. The wires must be rated at least 90c. This will ensure they will be able to handle the heat of the hot tub.

Although some do it yourselfers may want to take on the task of hot tub installation on their own. It is highly recommended that you hire an electrician as its very dangerous task. In fact, in some states it is mandatory by law to hire an electrician for hot tub installation.

Jacuzzis can be purchased at many home improvement outlets. The materials for installing a Jacuzzi can be very specific. So be sure to make a list of exactly what is needed. Also be careful when shopping at your electrical supply shop for the necessary items. If you choose to shop at electrical supply stores online, make sure to read the descriptions carefully. So you can be certain that buying the correct materials. Electricians may be able to find what they need at electrical wholesale outlets.

A Jacuzzi is most luxury for homeowners and can add value if included in a home’s property when selling. However because it introduces a situation where water and electricity in close proximity, it is potentially dangerous. It’s important that Jacuzzis are installed safely and that guidelines followed correctly. If you are interested in installing a Jacuzzi in your home, read up on the requirements for proper installation in your area, and happy soaking!