Different Types of Lighting Fixtures

Types of Lighting FixturesLighting is an integral part of a home’s decor. Not only attractive light fixtures a nice aesthetic touch, but the lighting can really set the mood for the house. When thinking about electrical supplies, there are many kinds of lighting to choose from.  It could get confusing! In order to make your decision-making process a bit easier, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with different options in lighting fixtures before shopping. Here are some different types of Lighting Fixtures options:

Recessed lighting: These fixtures are placed above the ceiling so that the light is flush with the ceiling. Recessed lighting can be good for task, ambient or accent lighting.

Architectural Lighting: So named because this kind of lighting is integrated in your home’s structure, architectural lighting can include cove, soffit or valance lighting. Cove lighting is usually incorporated into a ledge, shelf or high up on a wall. Valance lighting is seated in a valance and often found on a window or high up on a wall. Soffit lighting sits in a soffit and is likely to be located near the ceiling with the light pointed downwards. Architectural lighting is often used for ambient lighting.

Undercabinet Lighting: Indicative in the name, this lighting is often found under kitchen cabinets. It is useful for task lighting in the kitchen.

Pendant Lighting: These lights are usually suspended from the ceiling and pointing down. They are good for ambient and task lighting.

Track Lighting: Track lighting is mounted or suspended from the ceiling. The individual lights can be repositioned. Track lighting is mostly used for task or accent lighting.

Chandeliers: Known for their aesthetic beauty, chandeliers are found suspended from the ceiling, often over a table with their light directed upward. They also provide ambient lighting.

Ceiling Fixtures: Commonly found in most homes, these fixtures are installed directly into the ceiling, concealed by a plastic or glass shade. They offer ambient light.

Wall Sconces: Wall sconces are surface mounted to walls and often feature attractive coverings. They are useful for ambient or task lighting.

Desk, Floor and Table Lamps

These are portable lamps which can be useful in offering light for specific tasks although they can also be a source of ambient light.

Hence many electrical supply stores that specialize in lighting. There are also electrical wholesale outlets that offer lighting fixtures. These may be useful for electricians who supply lighting fixtures often. Furthermore many light fixture choices at electrical supplies online.

If you are in the market for new different types of lighting fixtures for your home. You may want to consider where the lighting will be placed and what the light will be used for. These will all be useful in helping you make a decision as to what type of lighting is best for you. So there are many choices available and with a bit of research. I’m also sure you will be able to find the best lighting for your home.