Mud Box Types and Their Uses

mud boxUsed with the suction piping of the machinery space bilge, the function of a mud box is to strain different types of materials. It is a kind of coarse strainer the features a straight tailpipe that goes down to the bilge.

The mud box is designed in a way that you can quickly remove its lid without disengaging any pipework. It makes easier to clean the inner perforated plate of the suction pipes when necessary.

Applications of a Mud Box

Mud boxes used in the industries where particle filtration is required. Their application is determined depending on the mesh size of their strainers.  Boxes with small mesh size strainers used for fine filtration such as bilge or fuel oil systems. On the other hand, larger mesh size strainers are perfect for coarse filtration such as sea water system.

Mud Box Types and Accessories

Different types of mud boxes are there, and one model differs from others. Depending on some factors such as the size and number of the strainers, mesh size, and the connectivity type. Let’s check out some typical mud boxes used in various industries:

Straight and Angled Mud Boxes

Both the types are applied in systems where protection against debris is required during regular operation or installation of pipes. However, straight boxes have strainers on both sides while the angled ones have a strainer on only one side. Besides, they are straight and angled with PN 10 drilled flange ends, respectively.

As it is possible to have the strainer basket for these boxes with different mesh sizes. They are suitable for the filtration of flammable and non-flammable hydraulic oil, freshwater, seawater, and more.

Strainer Y-Type (Threaded & Flanged Connection)

Both the models are similar except for one comes with threaded and the other with flanged connection. They provide a system protection from debris during regular operation and pipe installation. The strainer baskets for both the types are available in various mesh sizes.

These mud boxes are used for filtering boiler feedwater, freshwater, seawater, cargo oil, thermal oil, lubricating oil, flammable, non-flammable hydraulic fluid and more.

Strainer Basket

Various types of strainer baskets are available for different kinds of mud boxes. The material they are made of can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It resistant to various kinds of rough and corrosive substances. There is also duplex mud box strainer available with a flange connection.

The mesh size of the strainers can be bigger or smaller. So that they can filter a wide variety of liquids including hydraulic oil, fuel oil, thermal oil, seawater, boiler feedwater, and more.

Suction Strainer

Made of galvanized steel, these strainers are mainly used in a system for filtering freshwater and seawater. You’ll typically find them inside the bilge pump system.