Types of Exterior Home Lighting Fixtures

Exterior Lighting FixturesInstalling new exterior home lighting fixtures is the perfect way to spruce up the look of your home and increase its curb appeal. Whether you use post lights to enhance the security of your garage area and driveway. Also style up your outdoor walls and ceilings with wall-mount or ceiling lighting fixtures. It brighten an entryway and porch with hanging design, outdoor lighting will always give you a warm welcome to home.

Types of Exterior Home Lighting Fixtures

The types of outdoor lighting fixtures carry all kinds of lights for patio, porch, driveway, walkway, front door, and landscape areas. You will find them in a wide variety of finishes, shapes, looks, and styles ranging from a rustic cottage to the Victorian styling. They make your home safer and more charming.

Wall Lights

They are perfect for entryway, front porch, patio, or any high-traffic outdoor areas. They make a home more safe and secure but without sacrificing the sense of style. Outdoor wall lighting fixtures can effectively accentuate the architectural features of a home. They are available in different styles such as wall sconces, wall lamps, spotlights, accent lighting, and floodlights.

Post Lights

You can install these exterior light fixtures along the driveway, near the deck, back patio, throughout the yard, beside the pool, or anywhere in your outdoor home that needs extra illumination. These days, many homeowners use them not just for security but for enhancing their landscape too. These lights are also used in many public places.

Ceiling Lights

These exterior home lighting fixtures will bring class and style to any outdoor area of your home. Use them on the back patio, front porch, enclosed gazebo, or any large covered area. They not only uplift the look of a place but also add to the aesthetics as well as functionality.

You will see their extensive use commercial applications such as in businesses and hotels that have an outdoor overhang.

Hanging Lights

They are also a kind of ceiling lights that are used for both decorative and illumination purposes. The hanging fixtures allow you to brighten up your outdoor areas in style. Due to their mounting style, you can install them anywhere – from the entry to the party areas.

Landscape Lights

They brighten up the dark corners of your lawn and the path along the driveway to provide the much-needed safety and security for your home. These also enhance the landscape, especially if you have gardens in front of your home.

They are available in various types including spot, path, deck, in-ground, solar, and LED Fluorescent Light Fixture.

Security Lights

They are extensively used in both residential and commercial applications for providing security to a compound. They remain blended into the outdoor decor and thereby can offer an aesthetically pleasing look. As they are available in various shapes and styles, you can use them as an alternative to other exterior home lighting fixtures.

Outdoor lighting provides safety and security for the outdoor area of your home and makes it more welcoming to guests. They also enhance the exterior environments to make the most of your home’s potential.