Special Industrial Lighting

Special Industrial LightingLighting fixtures designed for special environments provide safety and security to the people working there. Available in incandescent, HID, LED, and fluorescent types, they are designed to withstand both physical and environmental abuses. Mainly used in industrial settings, the special lights are also seen in schools, government buildings, parking areas, bus and train stations, recreational areas, and more. Special industrial lighting used in food processing, cold storage, loading docks, cleanroom, and other areas.

The Uses of Special Lights

There are many areas in an industrial setting where workers work in a quiet environment as they need to concentrate. Special lights can alert the workers in those areas about possible danger. For example, a flashing light can give a warning about a gas leak and help the workers to get safety precaution.

The lighting fixtures and signals for hazardous locations can give signals about a potential danger or when the place is off-limits. It helps people to know where the hazards are and how to take precautions.

Some of these fixtures used in residential and light commercial applications. Known as vapor light fixtures, they are resistant to dust, moisture, and humidity. The usually come with a heavy-duty and die-cast metal housing to withstand the hostile environmental conditions.

Applications of Special Industrial Lighting

You’ll see the uses of special lights in various industrial applications. Let’s take a look:


The lights used in cleanroom areas of industrial environments are rated for contamination-controlled conditions. They are widely used in the medical industry, chemical labs, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic assembly, and pharmaceutical, processing.

Wet Locations

The special industrial lighting employed in such places are designed to perform in harsh conditions where factors like moisture, humidity, cold, dust, and dirt are present. Mounted at medium and low heights, they are suitable for non-hazardous environments such as refrigerated areas, canopies, shipping docks, etc.

The vapor-tight luminaire also falls in this category that widely used in parking garages, transit stations, stairwells, car washes, and other places where dust or moisture is a concern.

Food Processing

Featuring T5 or T8 fluorescent lamps, the fixtures used in this industry are available in either standard (includes two or three lights) or narrow (includes a single light) channel. They are fully gasketed and come with a heavy-duty aluminum construction. You’ll see these special lights in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries.

High-Pressure Hose-Down

The lights used in such applications have a solid fixture design, ideally made of aluminum. They are designed to perform well in extreme and rugged conditions such as cold storage, manufacturing, and food-processing areas. These lights also installed in unit or row and mounted or suspended from the ceiling or wall.

Special industrial lighting is available in various types. So the fixtures designed to perform extremely well in hostile conditions where regular lights are likely to fail.